Animal science schools in Ghana

List Of 3 Best Universities for Animal Science in Ghana | 2022/2023 Rankings

Below is the list of best universities in Ghana ranked based on their research performance in Animal Science.

What is Animal Science?

The biological science and management of domestic livestock, such as beef cattle, horses, sheep, swine, and companion animals, is known as animal science. Students learn how to care for, improve, and manage livestock and companion animals using science, art, and practical skills.

Check out the rankings based on the 2022 educational ranks.

1. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is ranked

#1 in Ghana
#35 in Africa
#648 in the World
The School was founded in 1951 and has an Enrollment of about 27,500.

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2. University of Ghana | Legon.

The University of Ghana, Legon was Founded In 1948 and has an Enrollment of about 42,000. The School is ranked

#2 in Ghana
#40 in Africa
#708 in the World

About University Of Ghana, Legon

The University of Ghana, the country’s oldest and largest public university, was founded in 1948 as an affiliate college of the University of London and granted degree-awarding status by an Act of Parliament in 1961. The University provides distinctive courses in the arts, business, physical and biological sciences, law, agriculture, nuclear and related sciences, and engineering sciences, with an aim to generate world-class human resources to tackle global development concerns. We also offer courses in medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, and allied health fields through our College of Health Sciences. Crop and soil science, animal science, home science, agribusiness, and agricultural economics are all provided at the College of Agriculture. To enrich our curriculum, we continue to approve new and altered programs and courses. Our academic members are involved in studies that support policy making for national development through our research institutes and other centers of learning and research, sometimes in partnership with other international institutes. The University is striving to encourage more multidisciplinary research in order to solve Ghana’s, as well as the continent’s and world’s, development requirements. A number of Ghanaian and foreign institutions are currently affiliated with the university.


3. University of Education, Winneba.

The University of Education, Winneba was Founded in In1992 and has Enrolment of about
12,500. The university is ranked

#3 in Ghana
#73 in Africa
#993 in the World

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